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Kitchen Remodeling

Tips for Kitchen Renovation in Belgium

6 Simple Tips for a Successful Kitchen Renovation in Belgium

Are you dreaming of an updated kitchen that is more efficient, functional and modern? Perhaps your kitchen has grown old, outdated and cramped. Or perhaps it’s time for a change. Either way, renovating your kitchen requires careful planning and execution to ensure the renovation is successful and profitable. If you are considering renovating your kitchen, here are some tips to help make the process go smoothly. A successful kitchen renovation involves careful planning from the outset, ensuring you meet all building standards, investing in high-quality materials, working with an expert contractor, and scheduling wisely so as not to impact other family members too much. Consider these tips for a successful kitchen renovation in Belgium:

1. Have a Vision Before You Renovate

Before you renovate your kitchen, you must first have a vision of what you are trying to achieve. Perhaps you want more storage space, more countertop space, or a different layout. Whatever your needs, you should have a clear vision of what you want your kitchen to look like at the end of the renovation. This will help you avoid costly mistakes. It will also help you work with whomever you hire to help you with your renovation as they can design around your needs and wants. Note that having a vision for your kitchen does not mean that you have to spend a fortune on a designer kitchen. If you keep your vision realistic and practical, you can still have a beautiful, functional kitchen at a more affordable price.

2. Plan Accordingly

Once you have a vision for your new kitchen, it’s time to research your renovation plan. Doing this will help you to stay within your budget while also ensuring that you meet all building code requirements. Doing this also gives you time to research different contractors and materials as well as allows you to shop during off-peak seasons when materials are less expensive. When planning your renovation, you should research the best materials and contractors in order to ensure you have the best quality at a reasonable price. You should also ensure your renovation meets building code requirements for safety and sanitation. This is particularly important for any renovations involving water, such as the installation of a new sink or a new faucet. Finally, you should also find out if there are any permits that you need to obtain before you begin your renovation. This will save you a lot of headaches down the road.

3. Check Building Requirements

Before you renovate, check with your municipality to see if there are any building requirements you must meet. You may need to upgrade your electrical or plumbing systems as they could be outdated. You may need to add more fire protection. You may even need to add flood protection if your kitchen is located near a waterway. It’s important to know these requirements before you begin your renovation so that you can factor in the proper upgrades. This will ensure that you don’t run into problems with your municipality down the road.

4. Invest in Quality Materials

When renovating your kitchen, you don’t have to spend a fortune. However, you do have to be smart in your choices. Decide which upgrades you want to make and then find the best materials at the best prices. You can do this by shopping during off-peak seasons when materials are less expensive. You can also save money by doing some of the work yourself such as applying finish or installing tiles. When selecting materials, choose the best quality ones you can afford. This will not only make your kitchen look better but will last longer as well. For example, if you are replacing your counters, choose a high-quality material such as granite or quartz.

5. Hire an Expert Contractor

Once you have selected your materials and planned your renovation accordingly, it’s time to hire a contractor. When hiring a contractor, make sure that they have experience in kitchen renovations. You also want to make sure that your contractor is licensed and will provide you with a warranty for their work. When hiring a contractor, you should have a timeline in mind so that they can work around your schedule. You should also set a budget, and then discuss potential options with your contractor so that they can help you stay within your budget while still delivering a quality renovation. Keep in mind that your contractor will also be working in your kitchen. This means that they need to be careful with your food and family items. This will also help to keep your kitchen clean during the renovation process.

6. Schedule Your Renovation Wisely

Once you have planned your renovation and hired a contractor, it’s important to schedule the renovation wisely. In general, the best time to renovate your kitchen is during the colder months of the year. This is when contractors are less busy and it’s a good time to schedule renovations. If you can, try to schedule your kitchen renovation for the fall or winter months. This will give you plenty of time to make any necessary changes to the renovation before the warmer months of the year. This way, you can be sure that your kitchen is ready for the spring and summer.


Kitchen renovations are a great way to update your kitchen while also saving money. They also let you choose exactly the type of kitchen you want. Whether you want more modern cabinets, more counter space, more storage, or something else, you can have the kitchen you desire. When renovating your kitchen, it’s important to have a vision for what you are trying to achieve. Once you have a vision, you can research your renovation plan and know what you need. You can also research the best materials and contractors in order to ensure you have the best quality at a reasonable price.
Bathroom Renovation

Bathroom Renovation

Honest Reviews on Bathroom Renovation Companies and What They Do

Are you planning to renovate your bathroom? Are you looking for reliable and trustworthy companies that can help you with the bathroom renovation process? If yes, then keep reading. This article will help you find the best company that caters to bathroom renovations. Whether it is a small or large project, these trustworthy companies can handle all types of bathroom renovations. They will take care of everything from blueprints to finishing touches so that you get a brand new bathroom in no time. Whether you want to renovate your existing bathroom or create an additional one in another part of your home, there are a lot of things that need to be taken into consideration before making any final decisions. There are many different types of renovation services available, and choosing the right one can be tricky and overwhelming at the same time. Let’s take a look at some tips and advice on how to choose the right renovation company for your project.

What to Look for When Choosing a Renovation Company

Before you start calling and asking companies for quotes, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind. First and foremost, make sure that the company is fully licensed and insured. You don’t want to put your home and family members at risk due to unprofessionalism. Choose a trustworthy and reliable company that has been around for a long time. This will ensure that you get high-quality service for a reasonable price. Another thing that you need to look for is experience. Make sure that the company has a lot of experience in the field and has done projects similar to yours. This will help you avoid unwanted surprises and last-minute changes. Furthermore, the company should be qualified and have a team of certified professionals. This will help avoid potential issues in the future.

Types of Renovation Services Available

Bathroom renovations can come in many different shapes and forms. One of the most popular renovation types is bathroom renovation and extension. This is when you expand your existing bathroom to add extra features such as a shower or a toilet. If you are planning to replace your entire bathroom, then bathroom re-modelling is something that you should consider. This is a general term that refers to refurbishing your existing bathroom to meet current standards and requirements. If you are looking to add a new bathroom in another part of the house, then bathroom addition is the best choice for you. If you are looking to redo or renovate your kitchen, then kitchen renovation services might be the best for you. It is almost similar to bathroom renovations except for the fact that the kitchen can be re-modelled or remodelled. On the other hand, bathroom renovations are more extensive.

How Much Does a Bathroom Renovation Cost?

There is no definite answer to this question. The cost of the renovation will depend on a few factors such as the size of your bathroom, the material and type of tiles, and the type of renovation that you are planning to do. Generally, bathroom renovations can cost anywhere from €300 to €25,000. It all depends on the size of the bathroom and the extent of the renovation that you are planning to do.

Which Material is Right for You?

When it comes to choosing the right material for your bathroom renovation, there are plenty of options at your disposal. The most popular materials include concrete, ceramic tiles, and wood tiles. Concrete is a popular choice for bathroom renovations. It is a durable, water-resistant, and long-lasting material that can last for decades. Concrete tiles are easy to clean, require little maintenance and have a high moisture resistance rating. This is a suitable material if you have young kids at home or you don’t want to deal with constant cleaning and maintenance. Ceramic tiles are one of the most popular and traditional bathroom tile materials. These tiles come in a wide variety of colours, textures, designs and patterns. They are easy to clean and maintain, and they are suitable for any bathroom type. Wood tiles are a great choice if you want to create a rustic or traditional look in your bathroom. The only disadvantage is that you will need to clean it often since it is a porous material.


Choosing the right company for your bathroom renovation project is critical. It is important to do your due diligence and research so that you find the best company for your renovation needs. Make sure that you choose a company that offers high-quality service at an affordable price. We pride ourselves to be considered one of the best companies  that you need to consider when choosing a bathroom renovation company. With these tips in mind, you should be able to find that our integrity fits your project.
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