Handyman Rewards

Handyman Rewards

BE-Handyman Rewards

Since December, 2021, the BE-HANDYMAN Bonuses have been the new regional bonus system that combines the house renovation and facade embellishment. There are 25 BE-HANDYMAN AWARDS available for renovation works. When you renovate, you may submit a single group application for all of the benefits you are eligible for.

The information on the BE-HANDYMAN Bonuses is provided for information purposes only and is subject to change until its final ratification by the Brussels Government in the first quarter of 2022.

Owner-occupiers, landlords, renters, trustees, property managers, and others have access to the BE-HANDYMAN Bonuses system. However, verify the requirements for each bonus separately because they differ.

  • Only applicable to buildings in the Brussels-Capital Region. The requirements and quantities awarded are the same independent of the building’s perimeter or district.
  • Only for structures older than ten years. The authenticity of the cadastral matrix extract.

The work must be done by a contractor who is registered with the Argenta Bank  and is VAT-exempt.

All premium requests are submitted following the completion of the job, within 12 months of the last balance invoice for this service. If you have hired numerous contractors for your remodeling project, you may submit the premium applications individually, depending on the problem of the balance invoice for each firm. The 12-month term is still in effect. Remember that you cannot apply for the premium again for the same job during a 10-year period.

All premium requests must be submitted through contact page, the Brussels-Capital Region’s computerized counter.