Bathroom Remodelling

Bathroom Remodelling

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Bathroom Remodelling

BE- Handyman’s remodeling and construction services are customized to your specific needs and lifestyle. With an emphasis on detail and perfection, we provide the highest quality in bathroom remodeling and new construction.We prioritize you, the client, and work hard to make your dreams a reality.Our primary goal is to satisfy your aesthetic senses while staying within your budget and time constraints.We respect your privacy because we understand how hectic your and your loved ones’ lives are.Each bathroom project is personally managed by us, and it includes framing, plumbing, electrical, lighting, tile work, drywall, painting, vanities, finished carpentry, doors, and glass enclosures.Any structural design provided by the client can be implemented.

In addition, our architects provide the best structural designs.As a result, we can obtain a detailed description of what the client desires, design the structure, and then construct it.


Prior planning and adhering to a detailed timeframe are key components of any bathroom remodeling project. Working with your remodeler to plan ahead of time and collaborate on the project will not only make the experience more enjoyable, but it will also have a big impact on how quickly and smoothly your remodel will go from start to end, which will save you time and money.

Vanity Cabinets / Walls

It is necessary to remove drywall from the wall framing in most bathroom remodeling tasks because it protects the walls from water damage. In light of the fact that the tub mount flange goes beneath the drywall and that reinstallation entails re-drywalling, it’s a good idea to inspect the concealed tub/shower components while they’re still exposed. A greenboard should be erected in any location where there is a lot of moisture or where there is a lot of water. After priming, apply two coats of eggshell or a higher gloss paint finish to seal the surface. It is feasible to hang wallpaper in bathrooms, but it should be done with caution due to the possibility of the wallpaper lifting or separating from the wall due to dampness. Maintain appropriate ventilation in order to reduce the negative influence of the wetness on the surrounding environment. In the event that you are concerned about running out of storage space due to the small size of the room, you should consider connecting a bedroom closet to the bathroom.


Using stone and tile in the bathroom can help to give the space a more natural vibe while also giving it a more permanent feel. There are advantages and downsides to using higher-grade vinyls, particularly in terms of maintenance and care. Whatever type of flooring you choose, bear in mind that the surface should be slip-resistant for people who go around barefoot.

It makes a significant difference in the final appearance when you collaborate with your tile contractor or restoration contractor, or whoever is conducting the work, to lay out the floor design. Just as with many other distinctive design elements, adopting a pattern that is arranged on the diagonal helps to break up the monotony of a smaller space. Adding larger floor squares may really provide the impression of having a larger floor space than utilizing more little tiles, depending on the other factors in the situation.

This comes as a surprise to a lot of homeowners. Before making a decision, sketch up a rough outline of the scenario and assess it for your own purposes. Another thing to keep in mind, and this is a word of caution, is that removing old flooring or tile may necessitate rebuilding the subfloor beneath it in spots where it has rotted or deteriorated, particularly in areas near the toilet or supply line.

Bathroom Renovations: Tips and Ideas for a Successful Project

It may not appear to be conceivable, yet a modest washroom redesign is totally achievable. Well known home renovating firms think restroom rebuilds should cost five figures and everything should be torn away and supplanted.Bathrooms come in three basic configurations: powder room, full bathroom, and extended bathroom. The following are some remodeling ideas for each of these three types of bathrooms (or guest bathroom).

Bathroom renovatin services
Bathroom ceiling renovation

When you remove the drywall from the ceiling, you will expose your exhaust fan and ventilation duct, so use caution when doing so. Determine whether or not there is an open and clear channel on the discharge route at the moment! It is a good idea to upgrade to a larger exhaust fan while you are at it, because most fan units must be covered with drywall before they can be used.

Lighting and Windows

Many times, bathroom lighting and window options appear to be limited, especially given the modest size of a half bath or powder room, which is understandable. Using a large number of mirrors and wall/ceiling fixtures in conjunction with one another may be your best option in this situation.
The application of distinct motifs from the bedroom to the bathroom, on the other hand, is a different concept. It is possible to generate a “connective atmosphere,” which aids in the blurring of clearly defined boundaries.

Skylights with geometric boxes and screened windows give the impression of additional space while also providing the necessary ventilation to keep the home comfortable. Today, a large number of skylights are equipped with remote-controlled openers. Half Bathrooms and Powder Rooms allow you to make the most of your available space. In the case of limited space, structural upgrades may involve moving a shared wall outward to create more open floorplans (if you are in a position to compromise space). When putting in permanent fixtures, the best approach is to place them as far away from the useable area as is reasonably possible. Even toilet paper holders and recessed can lights can be tucked away in the corners of cabinets and behind walls. Medicine cabinets can be installed in wall voids that are centered over the sink provided the construction was built to accommodate them.