Equipment installation

Equipment installation

office Equipment Installation Services
Equipment Installation Services

When more than just office equipment delivery is required, our office  equipment installation and relocation team can assist with positioning, unpacking, and installing equipment. After you purchase your equipment, our installation team will work with you to determine the best time to deliver it for installation. Our expert installers will deliver, install, and set up your equipment. They will not leave until your new equipment is fully functional and ready for use. Large electronics are not designed to be easily moved. It takes advanced skill to move one of these machines without damaging it or the walls and floors around it.

  • Perform Green light testing
  • As needed, unpack
  • Placement of equipment within a structure
  • Take care of all aspects of assembly and installation.
  • Provide additional installation personnel.
  • Make available motorized stair walking equipment.
  • Provide specialized handling services