Commercial Flooring

Commercial Flooring



There are many flooring options for your customers, whether they want polished concrete, urethane solutions, coatings, resurfacers, or decorative flooring. Examining the features and benefits of each of these commercial flooring solutions will assist you in determining which one is best based on your customer’s specific requirements. We will collaborate with you to  ensure you have all of the product information, technical information, and knowledge needed to assist your customers in making the best decision for their facilities. We will assist you with project management of the installation and maintenance, in addition to providing all necessary information.

Flooring Options

The variety of commercial flooring options available on the market is  astounding – and overwhelming. BE-Handyman will make the process as simple as possible from beginning to end. Our knowledgeable and  experienced design team, estimating department, and sales team collaborate with you to ensure you receive the best quality, price, and aesthetic. Our service technicians are fully trained and have years of experience installing flooring. They ensure that the job is done correctly with a commitment to quality and professional, courteous service.

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