Windows and Curtain Installations

Windows and Curtain Installations


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Purchasing new blinds, curtains, or drapes may be a thrilling experience. They may give your home more personality, elegance, and practicality. The actual hanging or installation of these new window coverings, on the other hand, is a different affair. Allow BE-Handyman to take care of the hard lifting! We can hang your window coverings for you, adding beauty to your space in the process. When properly placed, new drapes or curtains may open up your area and make it feel more spacious.

Window Blind

Make sure your blinds, curtains, and curtain fittings are already purchased and delivered at the time of the appointment, as the handyman only provides fitting and installation. Aside from providing a high-quality curtain fitting service, the skilled professionals can also assist you with a variety of odd jobs, such as hanging pictures and mirrors, mounting shelves, mounting your new TV, and much more.

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Windows Curtains
Curtain Installation

It is up to everyone’s personal preference, and you must select the appropriate blinds and curtains, but the thought of “how to hang them” should never deter you. You won’t have to go shopping for supplies because the handymen will bring their own screwdrivers and drills to complete the job quickly and cleanly.

Windows Maintenance

Your windows should be inspected by a licensed professional after 15 years to see if they need to be replaced. While repairing windows may reduce costs temporarily, installing new windows is well worth the investment. If you notice cracking or peeling around the exteriors of your windows, drafts, or a lot of condensation, it’s time to replace them. Maintaining your new windows properly will ensure that they look great for many years to come.
Wiping window frames gently with a soft cloth will remove any loose debris that has accumulated over time.

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window installations
Window Installations

The average cost of window replacement or installation services is determined by a number of factors, including the size and type of new window, as well as its location in your home. We recommend discussing the specifics of your window installation project with us for the most accurate job estimate. Installing new windows is one of the most effective ways for homeowners to improve the energy efficiency of their homes. Not only that, but new windows increase property value, function flawlessly, and look fantastic!