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Expert Advice

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Our Home Inspection Service In Belgium And Expert Advice

During a home survey or inspection in Belgium, an experienced technician will examine in depth (from a technical perspective) the property you might want to buy. They will use technical equipment (such as laser, humidity scanners etc) to probe the structure, and will evaluate the building for vulnerabilities or decay..

An objective technical property inspection is a search for damages, deficiencies, problems and information from the property itself. By meeting with the property owner or the real estate agency some elements might immediately catch your attention while you were visiting the property. As a buyer you cannot always expect that you will be told everything by the seller. This is one of the major reasons we have often been solicited to provide this services to our clients.

So you want to buy a house or an apartment in Belgium, right?

Finally! You think you have taken the right decision to acquire this beautiful residence corresponding to what you had in mind.

Let’s face it. This is by essence a win or lose situation: a moment when emotions may blind us by reducing our capacity to make rational decisions. The kind of decisions that are both affecting your investment and your family.

Before signing a compromis de vente, it is important to know in detail what you are about to buy! We will make sure you are aware of what you are signing for from a technical point of view. Our objective is to adequately inform you of the condition of the property you will be buying. This will allow you to make an informed choice.

Building inspector
Remain realistic on the actual state of the property before you make your final decision.

We understand, you may like the location, the building configuration, the general esthetic of the property etc. all these criteria are subjective.

But In order to make the appropriate choice concerning a house purchase you need a clear picture of certain key facts of the property you want to acquire.

An often neglected aspect of a house purchase process is the technical state survey of the property you want to acquire. A home inspection is therefore highly recommended. A home technical inspection should preferably take place before you have agreed to buy the property in question. In case you need to buy a property from a developer the owner of the property you want to acquire is not always obligated to perform a technical inspection of the property. At the same time you have a right to ask for a home inspection of the property you want to purchase from a seller. In order to facilitate this phase we will do it for you.

Thorough testing and inspection by a professional technician is essential to avoid all kinds of bad surprises.

Unfortunately some potential buyers still consider this step as another service to skip in order to spare some effort, energy and money. However, an increasing number of new homeowners do understand the importance of this ultimate step before committing to the purchase of the property. Bear in mind that a serious technical inspection has the potential to radically transform the nature of the transaction…in your favor. Sometimes it can even lead you to review or to cancel your decision to buy a property. Problems can take place even if it comes to things you don’t expect…Thorough testing and inspection by a professional technician is essential to avoid all kinds of bad surprises. What is the importance of a test for the new owner? The importance of having your property inspected by a professional is entirely based on your goals. Is it a family home, is it an investment, is it a second residence? So many factors do play a role to assess the importance of such a question.

What is a home survey or a technical property inspection after all?

During a home survey or inspection, an experienced technician will examine in depth the property you might want to buy. From the roof to the basement. Consider this: if one major but non-apparent issue comes up throughout the review based on a home inspection, it might save you as a buyer from immense money headaches.

Also, you can use our expertise for future negotiation with the seller. The home survey is not just about looking for something big about to break soon in case something goes wrong. Its purpose is also to point attention to details such as mold, or plumbing and electricity deficiencies.

Advantages of a home inspection
There are many advantages to use our services for a technical home inspection

You might want to evaluate the volume of the work necessary if you want to transform some areas of your property. Following a technical property inspection we will give you an estimate of how much work you will need before you finalise your renovation project.

To start, we can estimate the cost of transforming and remodeling the property and help you decide whether the estimate is feasible and realistic. This can save you a lot of money and time. Additionally, it will help you to ensure the success of your future project. You can give us a call if you have queries regarding areas that need remodeling. You can also contact us if you want us to carry out a technical building inspection.

Keep in mind that it is better to carry out a home inspection before you decide to acquire a new property that has caught your interest here in Belgium.

You might as well have environmental or ecological concerns. In which case we will explore with you if the transformations are cost-efficient and to the advantage of the environment and your personal health. Rest assured that we can assist you in the execution of your property renovation at every single stage.

Upon your request we will also find for you the most cost-efficient rehabilitations services for various parts of the building which have been affected by a flood or flood damage, ascending humidity, roof damages, noncompliant electrical systems, obsolete heating systems, hoarding etc.

Home improvement and compliance

The construction sector is in constant evolution: engineers and contractors must always be continuously improving their practices and skills as time goes on according to new standards imposed by the legislators (electricity compliance certificates, HVAC, Isolation etc.). This is the reason why we focus on making sure we improve our processes as we go along. We take pride in getting the job done quickly and efficiently in accordance with all legal requirements. We are offering you our full range of services in coordination with various inspection authorities that is hard to find in one single entity. And the good news is that you will have a very clear idea about the work that is required after the inspection.

The contractor with whom you chose to work with will thus have clear guidelines as to how to proceed. His responsibility will be to deliver the work described in the survey in accordance with your desire. One thing is certain, this will be a time-efficient way of getting things done smoothly.