Doors and Lock Systems – Professional Installation Guide

Doors and Lock Systems – Professional Installation Guide

Providing Optimized Access Control Products for Enhanced Security Coupled with our installation and maintenance services

Do you want to restrict access to your Brussels premises for improved safety? In the pursuit of fortifying the safety of your Brussels premises, the decision to restrict access becomes a multifaceted strategic endeavor. Far beyond a basic security measure, this comprehensive guide is designed to empower you with a nuanced understanding of the intricacies involved in enhancing safety through the installation of specialized doors and lock systems. We embark on a detailed exploration, considering various door types tailored to specific security needs, ranging from reinforced entry points to biometric access and smart locks. Transitioning seamlessly into the realm of lock systems, our discourse extends to both traditional and modern technologies, illuminating their strengths and potential vulnerabilities. This guide adopts a holistic approach, emphasizing not only the individual merits of doors and locks but also their synergistic integration within the broader context of access control installation. By providing this in-depth analysis, we aim to equip you,  with the knowledge needed to make informed decisions, ensuring that your security measures are not only comprehensive but also strategically aligned with your unique vision for heightened safety in your Brussels premises.

Steel Security Doors - Maximize Intrusion Resistance

Standard doors with basic locks only delay forced entry by a few seconds. Solid steel doors specially designed for security withstand aggressive kicking, ramming and lock picking attempts for minutes – enough to deter opportunistic burglars.

Our team determines the optimal steel door model factoring door placement, swing radius, usage levels, design aesthetics and your budget. We then handle the full installation process including frames retrofitting without architectural modifications. Want the reassurance of an insurance accredited CP Doors compliant installation? We got you covered!

Electromagnetic Door Locks - Convenience With Safety

Electromagnetic locks provide strength way beyond mechanical solutions. Their shear holding force despite a slim build makes them ideal for glass doors, aluminum frames and concealed installations for clean aesthetics without compromising security.

We advise electromagnetic locking suitability considering traffic flow and combine them seamlessly with access control systems. Since these locks lack mechanical egress, we integrate legal compliance features like emergency exit door buttons.

Biometric Fingerprint Scanner Systems - Fluid Access Control

Tired of distributing keys that never come back or resetting number codes once employees leave? Smartphone controlled locks are the solution!

Paired with a mobile app, Bluetooth enabled smart locks allow you to remotely monitor access, provide time-limited virtual keys, view audit logs and manage multiple sites easily. We install and configure smart mortise or cylinder locks while advising ideal setups to balance convenience and security per facility.

Are you looking for specialized doors and lock system installations to protect your Brussels premises? Fill out our online form specifying requirements. Our security systems experts will recommend solutions best suited to your context and budget!

Got frequent queries around access control? See our FAQ covering common doors and locks questions below.

What services do you offer for door and lock systems in Belgium?

We offer end-to-end services – from security consultancy and audits, customized product selection, certified installation and programming, to ongoing maintenance plans for access control systems of all scales.

Do your technicians have accredited training for security doors?

Absolutely. All our door and lock system technicians are fully certified, with advanced training on products from top brands like Adams Rite, Codelocks, Normbau and Tesa. We also have CP Doors accreditation for insurance compliant installations.

What smart locks do you recommend for small offices?

We typically suggest Codelocks electronic cylinder motor locks for smaller premises. Their Grade 1 eC Blue compliant standalone locks provide keypad code access, audit trails and master key overrides in a seamless retrofit solution.

How can door access systems reduce risk?

Robust doors delay intrusion while smart access control tracks entries, restricts key duplication and enables instant lockdowns in case of breaches. This layered security approach deters attackers, buys response time and limits consequences.

Do your services meet Belgium's fire safety codes?

We guarantee complete adherence to fire safety codes across all access control solutions. Our installations factor emergency exit requirements, integrate alarmed panic bars, maintain exact door opening ratios per room capacities and enable instant global lock release during fires.

How can I control employee access levels to specific doors?

Integrating permission-based smart card or biometric reader systems allows granular access policies per employee. Doors can have specified time schedules, lead credentials can enable visitor entries, while terminated employee access gets instantly revoked digitally.

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