Facade restoration

Concrete? Stone? Brick? Terracotta? Equitone linea? Although these surfaces appear impervious to harm, accidents and typical wear and tear can cause unattractive damage and structural difficulties. Do you intend to rehabilitate your structure? For facade repair services, contact BE-Handyman in Belgium. Our expertise with historic restorations has provided us with a wealth of information, making us an excellent resource for repairing or preserving the original character of your structure.
You may rely on us to repair your property and structure. We will collaborate to find a solution.

In numerous aspects, BE-Handyman’s approach to facade repair is unique. First and foremost, all of our craftsmen work in-house, are constantly taught, and use cutting-edge tools and equipment. Our facade restoration team supports other sections of the organization by providing full-service building restoration from our mobile platforms, eliminating the need for scaffolding on practically any job. There is no aspect of a building’s facade that BE-Handyman’s facade restoration team cannot handle.

Equitone Linea

BE-handyman offers a wide range of facade cladding options from well-known  manufacturers in Belgium. The facade cladding supplied is selected with quality, safety, efficiency, and aesthetics in mind, ensuring that our Equitone linea customers get the greatest solutions for their projects. We are committed to providing excellent value to our Equitone linea clients. We collaborate from start to finish to create high-quality Equitone panel solutions at the lowest possible cost.

Equitone Linea
Facade Restoration
Modern House Facade

BE-Handyman has been entrusted with upgrading the external façade of some of Belgium’s most iconic houses, elegantly bringing classic structures into the future by replacing drab and outmoded architectural components with attractive, contemporary features.

Facade Maintenance

While it is sometimes overlooked due to cost constraints, regular façade maintenance is crucial. Neglected façades can conceal serious structural faults like corrosion and spalling, which can degrade unnoticed. This might not only result in much higher repair expenses that could have been avoided with earlier corrective action, but it can also pose a major risk to the safety of occupants and passers-by.

The complete exterior refurbishing process is managed in-house by BE-Handyman, from periodic inspections, through the design and implementation of all essential works by our trained team.

facade cleaning
Facade Cleaning

All too frequently, a building’s facade is abandoned to the elements, with building owners and facilities managers preferring to focus on the interior rather than the exterior. Our hydraulic equipment, which does not require scaffolding, can be up and operating within two hours of our arrival on site. We can cover many square feet of the façade every day with no inconvenience and without creating any hassle. Your property should represent all that you’re about as a business, so the last thing you want is to scaffold it into an eye sore.