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Furniture Restoration

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What is furniture restoration?

Furniture restoration is and include mild cleaning and aesthetic fixes such as sanding away scratches, re-polishing wood, and washing cloth. Consider your task as making that thrift store chair seem brand new again—you’re not making any drastic alterations or tweaks to your furniture during restoration. Instead, you’re retaining its original appearance and integrity.

Antique Furniture Restoration

Antique furniture has a great deal of monetary worth. Whether it is a monetary value, as antique furniture in good condition can be extremely valuable, or a sentimental value, as many pieces are family heirlooms, there is something for everyone. However, antique furniture, like all other forms of furniture, can get damaged or worn out with time, and if it is not properly restored or repaired, the value of the item may be reduced as a result of this.

Using minimally invasive techniques that will not detract from the value of the antique furniture, a reputable furniture restoration professional can give  antique furniture restoration and repair services to restore worn out or  damaged antique furnishings.

Benefits of Hiring Professional Antique Furniture Restorers

Generally speaking, furniture that is more than 100 years old is considered  antique; nevertheless, an object cannot be termed antique if it has undergone a change in its original character that is greater than 50% from its original  character. In order to help keep or increase the value of antique furniture, an expert antique furniture restorer must understand this principle and be dedicated to restoring and refinishing antique furniture to its original character while employing techniques that are as least invasive as possible.

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Antique furniture restoration and repair is a delicate process, which is why it is critical to enlist the help of a reputable furniture restoration professional to  restore your priceless antique or family heirloom. The following are the steps included in the normal antique furniture repair and restoration process:

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  • Minimal surface damage like as scratches, gouges, stains and other blemishes can be repaired using precision repair techniques.
  • The repair of structural damage is accomplished through the re-gluing of component components and the making of minor changes to component elements.
  • Color matching services are used in the restoration or refinishing process in order to fix worn-out finishes or discoloration.

In order to safeguard the value of your antique furniture, it is best to have it  repaired or restored by an experienced furniture restoration professional. All  antique furniture is precious, whether in monetary or sentimental terms. An expert professional can repair your antiques using minimum invasive techniques that will retain both the original character and the value of the item being  restored.