Bulex Heating System

Bulex Heating System

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Bulex heating system are for high performance heating solutions that deliver efficiency, reliability and longevity that many homeowners trust. That is why we are proud to exclusively feature and install a wide selection of Bulex boilers in collaboration with Desco, one of their leading Belgian suppliers.

Bulex heating systems are top quality, with features like superior gas condensing technology, intelligent controls and effective heat output for ample heating and hot water. The Thermomaster TAS30 is one of their most popular gas condensing boilers, offering Bulex’s signature quiet, safe and efficient performance.

With 30kW output, maximum energy efficiency and energy rating A, the TAS30 Bulex heating system provides comfortable heating and ample on-demand hot water for 1-2 bathrooms. Its compact, lightweight design allows flexible positioning and simple installation. An easy-to-read LCD display with intuitive controls makes operation easy too.

For long-term value, Bulex heating systems integrate condenser cleaning programs and air purge assistance to maintain peak performance. These self-diagnostic features complement preventive maintenance expertly provided by certified Bulex heating system installation technicians like ourselves.

Comparing Bulex heating system prices, the attractive package of the TAS30 at just €2,599 is very wallet friendly too! So what’s the catch, you wonder? Well for a Bulex heating system to really maximize its performance, safety and lifespan, professional installation and maintenance are key.

That is where our team steps in! With over a decade solely focused on gas heating systems like Bulex, no one knows these appliances better than us to extract every bit of value from your purchase. Our installation process for your new Bulex heating system begins with a thorough site evaluation. We make all necessary custom adjustments for a perfect fit.

Through calibrated efficiency tests, we ensure optimal performance prior to handover, so your Bulex heating system runs safely at its peak right from day one! Ongoing, our Preventative Care Plans feature annual tune-ups to maintain this high efficiency and trouble-free operation of your Bulex heating system for years to come.

Want priority emergency service, comprehensive safety checks and even fine tuning for extra energy savings on your Bulex heating system? Then our Preventative Care Plan is a worthwhile investment at just €120 per year.

Ready to realize the most from your Bulex heating system? Contact our Handyman Brussels experts today at 0032 472 88 08 66 for quotes on new installations or maintenance plans tailored to your specific Bulex model!

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Bulex Heating System

Installing a Bulex heating system is just the first step. To leverage the full capabilities of the advanced gas condensing technology and ensure optimal efficiency, safety and durability from your Bulex boiler, follow these tips:

  • Hire a Certified Bulex Heating System Technician With complex appliances like Bulex boilers, installation and maintenance should only be handled by qualified professionals certified in commissioning and servicing these specific systems. Mistakes could be costly!
  • Perform an Annual Bulex Tune-Up Just like an annual car service, your Bulex heating system needs a yearly comprehensive tune-up. A heating technician will inspect all components, perform diagnostics tests, check for leaks, clean heat exchangers, adjust settings and more. This prevents problems, maintains efficiency and prolongs lifespan.
  • Check Water Quality Over time, built up limescale, dirt and corrosion in heating system water can lead to blocked components, leaks and damage in Bulex central heating units. Checking and treating the water periodically prevents such issues.
  • Bleed Radiators Bleeding, which releases trapped air bubbles inside radiators, maintains the free flow of hot water to heat your rooms effectively.
  • Clean and Replace Filters Dirty filters reduce heating functionality. Regularly cleaning or replacing air filters in your Bulex furnace ensures optimal airflow for proper heat circulation.
  • Use a Programmable Thermostat Leveraging smart thermostat features to match heating operation to your usage patterns improves energy efficiency. Features like scheduling mean your Bulex heating turns on only when needed.
  • Balance Temperature Settings While turning up the thermostat may seem the obvious solution for insufficient heating, slightly lowering it could incentivize a lagging Bulex boiler to work harder to achieve the target temperature.
  • Weatherproof your Home Sealing air leaks around windows, doors and attics prevents heat loss - allowing your Bulex system to operate more efficiently. Similarly, insulating walls and ceilings better retains heat.
  • Have an Emergency Plan In rare instances of breakdowns in extreme weather, have a contingency like electric heaters. Also ensure 24/7 access to certified technicians for urgent Bulex heating system troubleshooting and repairs.

Following these and our tailored maintenance tips will maximize returns from your investment into an advanced Bulex heating solution. Contact us today to realize their full capabilities in safely and cost-effectively heating your home!

Frequently Asked Questions About Bulex Heating Systems

What is the difference between a Bulex boiler and a furnace?

Boilers use water to circulate heat. The heat output from Bulex boilers heats up water that flows through pipes and radiators. Furnaces use air flow to directly heat rooms without piping. Bulex makes central heating units – so most of their systems are water-based boilers as opposed to direct air furnaces.

How frequently should my Bulex gas boiler be serviced?

For optimal safety and efficiency, Bulex recommends an annual comprehensive tune-up service by a certified technician. This comprehensive inspection, cleaning and diagnostic testing helps avoid problems and maintain peak performance.

My Bulex boiler seems to be getting louder. What should I do?

Unusual noises in a Bulex condensing boiler should not be ignored. They often signify either a faulty component or compromised efficiency. Scheduling a professional service call to assess and rectify the issue promptly is recommended to prevent further problems in your Bulex heating system.

Does replacing old radiators help my Bulex condensing boiler perform better?

Not necessarily – just optimizing the heating system water quality, balancing and complementing with smart thermostats is usually enough. Upgrading radiators may only be necessary if the existing ones are poorly sized, damaged or not heating effectively. Our experts can advise suitability.

Do I need to scrape off limescale from inside the waterways of my Bulex heating system?

No! Scraping limescale can damage intricate boiler components not built to withstand such abrasion. Instead, leveraging professional water treatment, system flushes and skilled descaling via service technicians is the safer approach to handle limescale.

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