Interior & Exterior Work

Interior & Exterior Work

With Comprehensive Expertise, We Beautify and Fortify Properties Inside and Out

Our company takes pride in enhancing aesthetics across properties. However, our proficiency spreads far wider than visual appeal alone. Indeed, we excel at both interior and exterior projects, ensuring not just attractiveness but also structural integrity and protection from the elements.

For example, consider our facade repair and restoration services. We have addressed numerous challenges, like restoring the facade of a landmark historical building downtown. This required combating years of wear plus preventing water infiltrations that jeopardized its structural stability. Through meticulously combining artful craftsmanship with modern techniques, we could preserve the heritage while fortifying against future damage.

Additionally, our exterior services encompass practical solutions such as waterproofing terraces, facades, and balconies to stop leaks, a prevalent issue in urban areas. We have transformed leaky, unusable places into gorgeous, functional zones for relaxation and fun.

Moreover, for interior projects, our skills go past aesthetic upgrades like painting, plastering, and wallpaper installation. We take on critical matters like humidity regulation and mold removal, vital for healthful living spaces. After years of experience, our team focuses on advanced solutions including isolation and air control systems. We have implemented cutting-edge techniques in homes not just to beautify but also to drastically enhance air quality and energy efficiency. In some cases, we can even assist in partially financing these works via government grants, making it simpler to invest in essential upgrades. Our methodology has reinvigorated numerous homes, upgrading their style while resolving underlying problems affecting comfort and wellness.

Furthermore, our expertise shines brightly in the realm of reconfiguring spaces, especially in adapting older buildings to fulfill modern requirements. For example, we recently wrapped up a project in a Leuven house, where we turned an unused attic into rentable studios. This necessitated intricate planning and execution, guaranteeing each studio was outfitted with essentials like showers and toilets, all while keeping separation from the main house. We thoroughly assessed whether to connect to the general plumbing or install sanibroyeur systems for the toilets, weighing factors like layout constraints and long-term reliability. Our technical grasp in this arena is vast, covering various scenarios, like integrating kitchenettes, ventilation, and wiring. We also advise against attempting such complex renovations sans qualified skills, since improper installations can lead to major troubles, from plumbing disasters to electrical faults. Our team ensures every aspect of the reconfiguration is meticulously planned and actualized, guaranteeing safety, functionality, and beauty.

From deck building to garden landscaping, our exterior projects unite aesthetic splendor with practical, maintenance-oriented solutions. Ponder the test we faced with a property that had an incline garden, leading to recurrent flooding plus water seeping into the house. Our solution demanded meticulous landscaping to control water flow, preventing future floods and shielding the foundation. In another case, we solved a rusting garage door issue by fitting a durable, weather-resistant replacement, heightening both function and allure.

One outstanding example is a project we spearheaded in Wavre. Here, we re-engineered the garden’s water route, erecting an innovative water harvest system. This not only fixed the flooding but also furnished an ingenious solution for conservation. The collected water now flushes toilets via a strategically positioned pump. Such intelligent solutions not only resolve immediate problems but also serve as shrewd investments, appending both utility and value. Our mastery in transforming dilapidated outdoor sections into stunning, robust living areas heightens enjoyment while substantially elevating market value.